I'm a higher order machine learning to learn...


This era can rightly be called as ORKUTERA,infact we can also have a whole lot of some countries which can be together called as "ORKUTISTAN" , imagine where all the orkut-maniacs are going to have is a room and a computer with net connection for survival.
Orkuters or watever they are called as, are highly influenced , interested , motivated by various facilities or say features of orkut.One such feature is "testimonials", needless to explain this word, I really dont understand, why some people likes to get testify by others? how does that makes a difference ? The fact lies here the more you have them in your profile the more dude or duddee you are....and yeahh....I admit that I too have to commonly...compulsively...obsessively write it for some friends... but,it dosent really matter to me if they write about me or after writing many of cliche testimonials like ....."a real good person at heart , a great friend. smart, cute and dynamic personality, very caring and loving and blah..blah..blah...." I thought of writting "thoda hatke" testimonial for one of my friend on this blog as i have already written his testimonial in orkut.

"I have been honoured again by having a chance of writing a testi for such a reverent personality.He is so altruistic n magnanimous to let me tune my writing skills by making me write testi's ovr testi's...(is it so,or its sumthng else ?) ya..he is some of that and lot more that i know.... !
He is a consummate soul,an active folklore in cosmos.He is as cool as cucumber ,as good as gold , as nice as ninepence,as keen as mustard .Opulent,ignoble n baronial personage with brobdingagian wherewithal,sooo propitious which cant be explained in articulateness.He is sometimes crotchety, but a gnarly in fixins’. He is profoundly serendipitious and is gonna adulate and revere me to counterbalance this chunk of salvo. He is laden wid acumen which can be surmised from his causatum and am sure that this commemoration is gonna aggrandize his perspicuity manifolds.His sagacity can be accounted from the fact that am his paramour. I have some more things like he has got entracting and ambrosial personality with perfect combo of aphorism.In succinct a Guitarist.I feel hollowed n empyreal to have him in my longevity."

Was it a bouncer..?? Hope he will read it fully and this will give him some inferiority complex and now he totally agrees with my parents who always says me ...

" Beta, tera ek screw dhilla tha jo bachpan mai hi gir gaya tha,bahut dhundha par nahi mila..jhadu bhi lagvai par kahi nahi mila....aur us vakhat paison ki kami ki vajah se kharid nahi paye islie tu aisa hi reh gaya...!!!!"


Life is amazing, isn't it. For me it has always been a road, which takes a sharp turn whenever I feel that it is straight road ahead.....But despite of all the ups and downs in life, there are two things that make the life so beautiful and so wonderful and so much liveable... "DREAMZ" and "HOPE" ... and there is one word, a magical word that gives u both.... "KAAAASHHHH"

ohhh Kaash aisa hua hota, kaash waisa hua hota... u know it didn't happen, but u hope what if that had actually happened and u dream about it... everytime u r sad and down, this thought gives u new life... kaaaash... I am sure that everyone's life is so used to this word ....

" kyun tere paas sawalon ka jawaab nahin hota
jiska jawaab na pass tere kaash woh sawaal hi na hota
Kyun khawab hote hain jo poora nahin hota
jo hakeqat na ban sake kaash woh ehsaas hi nahin hota
kyun umeed hoti hain jiska hisaab nahin hota
jo toot jaaye ban kar bhi kaash woh viswaas hi nahin hota
kyun saath hoke bhi tu mere pass nahin hota
jo pass hokar door rahe kaash woh kabhi pass hi nahin hota
Kyun risthey hote hain jinka naam nahin hota
kaash woh aagaaz hi nahin ho, jiska koi anjaam nahin hota..!! "

Last Day

I have written this long back and today thought of posting it here ....
I walked with my best friend across the campus …. towards my class semester MCA class. The hour hand at watch said it was 8 past 10.. and there was not a single trace of any life in the college … except for the two of us…. Me and my best pal….
Another ten steps … and there was our class with the door shut..!! we were on 2nd floor ..and the beautiful garden outside was creating a magical scene .. had a wish to stop time at every moment but it never happened … the second hand ticked heavily and we opened the door of the class for the last time ….

Wished, I could ask Prof. Venky…. “May I come in Sir ?” and wanted to hear him shout… “You are late again. No attendance for you today ….”
But there was no one there…. just empty desk and chairs... and two of us… looking at the walls … and the desk…. All empty … … the white board and podium…where torture classes were held…..and the last chair ….. where we had fun… laughed …. Hiding from teachers….Pleading for attendance and internal marks … million memories rolled like a movie into our minds…. and there was complete silence for a moment … and we smiled … laughed …

Walked like a hero from medieval times … jumped over chairs …look at those chairs where so called babes of our class used to sit
He He He babes in MCA … a dream in itself …. ( No offences to any babes ….)

Drifted to our place … sat there … side seat …doesn’t feel like the last day ….. don’t remember how we met ….how we came to such a stage .. feels like I know my friends from ages …. feels like I was always here.

The entire class was still there alive….. The last bencher Amit… wamiq … Sohail ..either sleeping or chatting…..the teacher in her own world….. Basab sitting beside me .. cribbing for something … Gopal sitting on first bench taking down notes ….. Dileep smiling at babes …. Richin in his game world and Bish in his dream world … and we laughing at something or the other occasionally scribbling something on my notepad … making some sketches .. or phrasing up a poetry….

The thought stuck … programming class of C …. everyone is attentive…. to learn each and every bits and bytes…the mam….
so beautiful …so intelligent …. so encouraging …. from whoam we got the fundamentals of programming ….
Wanted to say thanks ….and to listen last time ….any points she wants to discuss … but today… no more points …
no more tips…. Just the pin drop silence… and a promise…….. will never let you down….

Ahh….. Basab asking me to look outside … for some babes from PGDBM …standing there ….. and I without even a word looked outside … it was an unsaid communication… Basab pinged me and I with the same enthu looked outside … but today there was nobody …. Just the deserted corridor …..
Looked back there was Basab …. in his dream …. not scribbling anything in his notebook… not laughing this time … not saying anything this time … just sitting there ….

Roll No 11
Roll No 11….. okkk
Roll No 12
Again missed my attendance ……. Hay….. Present Mam ….
You sleep dear..!! No attendance for you..!!

No attendance….. the class has ended … and my friends …chatting and laughing….going for sandwich… or .. tea.. or ... juice
and we sat there …sat there alone …closed our eyes, for the entire world outside the walls of the campus were calling us…
Wanted to attend one last lecture … but this time there was no one to take that last lecture….. and there was that door … open …
we wished all the time …to run away … to bunk … but this time it was not ..
one last time … one last time … attended the class … with no one just we two…!!