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Today's Conversation

So how do you start your day... with a strong cup of coffee... or a refreshing Tata Tea.......How do you greet people "Good morning..." or "Kya haal hai" or "How are you ??..."
And what reply do you get? Well, a descent good morning in return or "Bus badhia" or "I m fine".
And that ends the morning conversation.
What about other conversations? How do they generally go? Well take a situation... Two friends F1 & F2 who can see each other online in a messanger .....but one of them has pinged after a long time....... So,how would the conversation go??
F1: Hey F2, long time buddy? How have you been?
F2: Hey, I am fine yaar? U tell where have you been?
F1: Well here and there doing this and that. What about you?
F2: Well, I have also been a bit of there and a bit of there and done somewhat of this and somewhat of that.
F1: So how is family?
F2: Fine, everybody is going great? And how are uncle and aunty?
F1: Well, they are great.
Sorry to interrupt here, but this is where the conversation ends and now both of them have nothing to talk about. Still they would keep pinging each other
F2: Aur what else?
F1: Bus yaar chal raha hai? Tu bata...
F2: Bus yaar kat rahi hai...
Here, there would be a bit of bitching about their lifes and their relations ... and about their jobs and their companies....... then they would go on "Blah blah..."
F1: Aur bata
F2: Bus yaar
F1: Aur tu bata
F2: Bus yaar kuch khas nahi ...
This goes on and on... till the two friends part...
So, here you see how the conversation goes on between two friends and you can feel the lack of topics to discuss. This is because of the mundane life we have been living. Going to work every morning and coming from work every night tired and then sleeping and on weekends just relaxing and sleeping or watching a movie in some mall. Thats our everyday life. We need to change it. We need something different to do, something regarding which we can talk about... Ahhh...... we really need a change...... !!

A True Confession

" Ek chota sa dil ... Ek pyaara sa ehsaas ...
Ek alag duniya ki chahat ... Ek sapne ki talaas ...
Ek alag jameen .... Ek alag asmaan ....
Ek choti si chahat .... Ek masumiyat .....
Ek deewangi ... Rangon se bhari jindagi ....
Ek dil or yeh is dil ki baatein .................. !!!! "

This is directly from the core of my heart for someone, whoam I think is the sweetest & the most caring person that i have ever met in my life .....!!

Whenever I looked up in the sky, I was always amazed by the enormity of the sky. whenever I looked around was amazed with the pleasantness of the nature around, but now I m no more amazed by these things just coz your arms were always open when I needed a hug, which gave me feel of that vastness of sky after being in your arms. Your nature gave me the pleasantness same as the nature around. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson.Last but not the least your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly.

There is no velvet so soft as your lap, no rose as lovely as your smile and no music is as relaxing as caressing and touching of your hand to my head(hair). Even when I am not with you I can feel your presence around me. Through the wind I can hear your voice, in the clouds I can see your name. But still living life without you is not the same as when living with you. But Life is not as simple and smooth as we think. There is always an unexpected ..... accepting unexpected is what we have to live with and move on .....

I could fill a thousands of pages telling how I feel for you and still no one would understand. We have almost seen everything in our relationship and greatful to you to still consider me as your friend after all the sacrifices.... I get the best feeling in the world when you say hi or even smile at me because I know, even if its just for a second, that I've crossed your mind. Miss n love u ..!!

I know after reading this blog you will be curious to know .... who is that , someone .. ?? .... So for those who wanted to know ....

"khuda na karen ki juban par kahin uska naam aaye
meri to dillagi hogi, aur kahin woh badnaam ho jaye.. !!"

Marraige or Deal

We are born in a society where marriage is treated as sacrosanct, something which was fixed in heaven. It is a relationship valid not only in this life but also in lives yet to come. But it is not the way all the people think... being born and brought up in Bihar...i can say atleast this is not the case with people of Bihar.The marriage is more become fixins' the best deal rather than building a new relationship.Though the deal may convert to good relation most of the times,later on.

In this day and age, when we are advancing technologically in every which way possible... thinking ourselves more intelligent and smarter ... but still we are living with the customs of 70's... The Dowry in marriage is one of those.

As the auspicious days of marriages are going to start in couple of months, fathers of many brides have a sleepless nights to find a suitable groom for his daughter... Not because there are not enough guys to choose from but the hefty money and gifts they are asking...

Even the Most "shareef" and educated families do go through the rigmarole of ‘Oh no, no we don’t want any dowry’, ‘But you must!’ etc. After a few minutes of arguing along similar lines, the groom’s family generally finishes with a classic, ‘well we do not want any dowry but we will not stop you from doing whatever you want for your daughter.’ How brilliant is that! In one stroke, the Rs 15 lakhs cash, jewellery of Rs 10 lakhs, couple of plots of land and a car are all labelled as ‘gifts for the girl from her loving parents’ rather than ‘dowry’ and the so-called bitter pill goes down easy. Masterful! Doesn’t this mean how intelligent and smart we become..??

The market of grooms is on boom ....they have both the hands full...and they are ready to sell themselves as the best product for a few lakhs of cash, jewels, vehicles and even property. It may sound real harsh but that is what I feel.....

As inflation is on the rise, so does the market price of grooms. In last 5 years the rise is Aprox. 300% .Highest ever, higher than the booming real estate price in India, I guess.

When the price is getting higher day by day, it is obvious that the buyer will take all the precautions before buying ,so does the bride's father in the buyers shoes.

Few years back they were not much concern about other things if the groom is from well established family and earning good but now they are more concern on other things such as study background ( The college where studied , Company working with( it should be a big brand i.e Infosys,TCS,IBM,CTS,Oracle.... ),if is in Software field whether in testing or developing, how many times has been outsourced to abroad... etc ...etc ... I think they have RTI (Right To Information) to know every single piece of it. When it is a matter of buying then why not buy the best one in a better deal.
So my advice is for the entire eligible bachelor to make your brand image perfect to sell yourself in a bigger and better way without any concern about bride father’s hard earned money.
Although I , myself from a middle class family of Bihar feel " A woman should be able to become someone’s wife who she is; she should’t need anything else to oil the wheels "


" All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. " ----- Thomas E. Lawrence

Dreams , may be a part of someones life, but for me they are my life. I wake up everyday ,only to realise that all that i saw last night was my dream which god has sent into my eyes to turn into a beautiful reality. Dreaming with open eyes ,is like being aggressive in your thoughts which I think is not my cup of tea. All night , living in a beautiful world so that waking up next day and facing the challenges of the world becomes some what easy. I dreamt of starting this blog long back, and here I am turning my small dream into reality, also creating a pensive for myself, so that i may not find myself lost in the reality of my dreams or in the dreams of my reality or whatever.