I'm a higher order machine learning to learn...

A LeSSoN..!!

The eerie silence outside .. the cool breeze coming from window and the never ending song on my pavillion made a perfect setup and mood to write....

Sick of the day

Sick of the night

And I row the boat

With hope in light

With memoirs in mind

And love in heart

Confusion throngs my thought

What she is and what she was

I don't know who I was

To her foundness and to her friendliness

What to say of the lust I had

What to say the dreams I beamed

What to say of the words we spoke

What to say of the day we broke

What to say of the melodious fable

Is it the first wind that ripped the ship?

Or the first storm that taught me a lesson

That friendship and love are two side of coin

And yet one never meets the other...!!