I'm a higher order machine learning to learn...


In the quiet comfort of a balmy winter night, down with cold and cough I lay down on my cozy bed with my black pavilion to write about the only companion I have for this night, the only friend who will see me through tonight - Silence.

My friend is dead in the morning hours when it is consumed by the cacophony of the office.But now at this sudden moment it pays me a visit, like it has always done.

Silence is the real conversation between friends, not the saying but the never needing to say anything is what makes the conversation golden.I am reminded of several instances in my life when I thought I was all alone and I was wrong.

A true friend of mine who relied more on pen and paper than his tongue once remarked to me - When you find it difficult with words,when they wont come out and die down within your chest, when your lips quiver and your eyes melt , that is when you would want to write and that is when you could hear a tear drop, that is when you would understand Silence....!!

When you stand in front of a woman and the woman has so much to say, yet says nothing,the silence becomes deafening, that is when you get to know the mighty scream of silence.

Silence - The eerie stranger, the only argument which cannot be countered, the welcome friend, the parting gift, the very womb of music.

I end with this quote I read somewhere -
"Silence is but, the music between the notes"

Quantum of Solace..!!

This is not written by me but my best friend wrote it for his company magazine. I found it interesting so thought of putting it here as he doesn't own any blog himself..

I have passed 2 years of my life as a development support in sustenance team. Ring a bell? Yes I have been reading others code and touching it here and there and have been very busy in doing so all this time. I had read once, touching the code base is the last resort one must take but I have never lived in this utopia till now ;-) !!

Now my code is in production doing well in some cases while not doing so well in some cases and I realize all the time that it’s the readability of the code and all that basics we are never taught in college, happily forget during our practice (writing code) and make others lives miserable.

I never knew commenting the code could be a bad bad practice. And with all that green color as the default setting in the swanky IDEs from Microsoft it becomes even more alluring to add those green lines every where, QA tells the same!! Comment your code!!. Makes it more environment friendly, doesn’t it?? Well they start lying after sometime!!! That’s when I have read it and done a bad fix !!!!!!! See, I am an angry young man… and many of my colleagues are.

Have you ever thought of writing a meaningful name for a variable rather than writing a comment to explain it and remove the comment? Or have you ever thought of refactoring a line of comment into a method or a class and remove the comment? Have I ever ? ? Well yes I have started thinking seriously about these things after I have read this wonderful book called " Clean Code" by "Robert C Martin" on my best friend’s suggestion.

Something I want to reiterate from this book, “Development is a social activity”. I hope you would enjoy reading it and bring it to practice.


A poem from my  diary.. hope you will like it ...!!

होली बिती , बिती दिवाली  
ईद भी हमने यार मनाली  
वो मौसम कब आएगा  
जब हम तुम दोनो यार मिलेंगे  
अभी तो अच्छी बीत रही है  
अपनी दिन और ये रातें  
चाहे मौसम हो कोई भी  
सर्दी , गर्मी या बरसातें  
पर जीवन रूपी इस झरने में  
छाया है सूखा बरसों से  
वो बाहार कब आएगी  
जब हम तुम दोनो यार मिलेंगे  
अब एक है अपनी दुख सुख सारी  
एक है पहचान हमारी  
एक है अपने धड़कन और साँसें  
एक ही अब आँसू और आहें  
मंज़िल एक फिर जुदा क्यों राहें  
वो मौसम कब आएगी  
जब हम तुम दोनो साथ चालेंगे  
एक सरीखे अपने सपने  
इस सच से मत फेर निगाहें  
अजनबियों सा मत रह कटकर  
आ करले मुझसे भी दो बातें  
वो मौसम कब आएगी  
जब पत्थर दिल ये पिघलेंगे!!