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Monsoon ...I Missed Her..!!

A lot of commotion deafened me. I felt a weight on my chest. How much I tried to lift open my eyelids but felt drugged… For one last time, I jerked myself awake and forced open my eyes to see that I had dozed off last night while reading.

But what was this endless hoof taps?? I had one quick look around the dimly lit room to find everything as it was the previous night. With sleep still hovering in my eyes, I dragged myself out of the bed wondering what could have been making such an unsoothing chorus….
Barefooted , I walked to the window and pulled apart the curtains that hung dark and heavy on my room. With every inch of the curtain giving way to the morning outside, my eyes grew wider and wider. With the last inch that the curtain drew, sleep seemed to have flushed out of my eyes…. I was aghast to see what I had never seen before…… The Monsoon Shower Of Noida.
I scuttled across the room looking for my slippers but they seemed to be fast asleep, somewhere away from my reach. The mesmerizing thought of enjoying the first spell became so obtuse that I let go off my search and ran to the terrace. Down splashed the rain across my face sending a chill, a feel of purity, innocence, freedom through every corner of my body. I stood there, all hypnotized by the aura of the beautiful morning that had settled on the city.

I let my eyes look a little distance away. The so far quiet trees swayed to the rhythm of the rains as if they too greeted the monsoons. As I edged on towards the creaking wall of the roof, I could just manage to trace out the outline of a twosome in the balcony of other side of park . I strained my eyes through the sheet of shower and there I could see that it was not only me and the trees who were enchanted by the spell but also a sweet couple, locked in each others embrace, kissing each other, welcoming the rains in their own special way, letting the rains rejuvenate their love, feeling the bloom of a new love in them.

The overcast sky, the refreshing rain,the dancing lush green trees, the loving couple…. Ah!
How much I missed HER !!!!!

" I wake up in the morning , to the sound of raindrops
And I wonder where you'd be, And I wonder if it's raining there
Wherever you are , I hope you think of me, When it's raining there.... "


Basab said...

No comments! Hope next monsoon you are standing on this veranda too with someone and that veranda has a third one just to reflect on life.

Sunil Kumar said...

Sir.. really you missed someone. As Basab said you will definitely enjoying next monsoon with someone special.

Priya said...

Are you missing someone special..?

divya said...

don't worry this monsoon u will be together...